Nano Ctrl + O doesn't work

Instructions say:
We’ll begin by learning to use a simple, command line text editor called nano.
In the terminal, type
nano hello.txt
This will open the nano text editor.
In nano, at the top of the window, type
"Hello, I am nano."

I did that.

Then the instructions say:
Using the menu at the bottom of the terminal for reference, type Ctrl + O (the letter, not the number) to save the file. This is the letter “O”, not the number zero. (so do I type; “Ctrl + O” , “Ctrl O” , “CtrlO”? I’ve tried all three and nothing happens. No promt about file name as it says would happen below. and when I try Ctrl + X, nothing happens either.

Press Enter, when prompted about the filename to write.

Then type Ctrl + X to exit nano.

Finally, type clear to clear the terminal window. The command prompt should now be at the top of the window.

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Hold down the Ctrl key and press o.

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OK. That part of the instructions should be re-phrased. It say’s “Type Ctrl”. When in fact, your pressing the control button and the O at the same time. So this is just a simple Open command?

Open for writing, yes. That command writes the contents to the file. Watch the message line where it asks you to confirm and press Enter. Then Ctrl-X to exit.

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