Naming of argument

Question about Step 6 in this Abruptly Goblins off-platform project … Why couldn’t we have used ‘gamers’ (from the first line of code that we wrote and which holds a list of all the qualifying gamer dictionaries) as the first argument in the calculate_availability function? I mean, the question even literally says, “Write a function called calculate_availability that takes a list of gamers as an argument…” ?

Here is the link to the project …

Here is the code …

gamers = []

def add_gamer(gamer, gamers_list):
    if gamer.get("name") and gamer.get("availability"):
        print("Missing information")

kimberly = {
    "name": "Kimberly Warner", 
    "availability": ["Monday", "Tuesday", "Friday"]
add_gamer(kimberly, gamers)


*A bunch of gamer dictionaries*

def build_daily_frequency_table():
    return {
        "Monday": 0,
        "Tuesday": 0,
        "Wednesday": 0,
        "Thursday": 0,
        "Friday": 0,
        "Saturday": 0,
        "Sunday": 0
count_availability = build_daily_frequency_table()

def calculate_availability(gamers_list, available_frequency):
    for gamer in gamers_list:
        for day in gamer['availability']:
            available_frequency[day] += 1