Naming conventions


Hello, I am new to coding and Ruby. I can't pass the "naming conventions" step

Can you please help me in layman's terms understand what it means and how to enter text as described to proceed to the next step?



Is this the exercise you are having difficulty with?


That is correct thank you


When we wish to represent a length of text in object form, we wrap it in quotes. These can be either single quote or double quote.

"this is a string object"

Variable names are generally simple, short, and descriptive, and written in lowercase.



When we write a variable, we define it at the same time, using an assignment operator to refer a value on the right to our variable on the left:

name = "Wee Gillis"
address = "5008 Main Street"
language = "Ruby"
counter = 0
is_valid = true

These all have one thing in common... Their values are all primitive. This is not of any great importance, but it is helpful moving forward to know what primitives are.


I don't know why I couldn't figure that out on my own but I am grateful for this thread!
The way they described it in the lesson made you feel like you had to type more than just
I tried everything BUT that.
Thanks again1