Naming conventions problem


undefined method `name' for #

Replace this line with your code. 
no code, not sure what to do, please give me an example.


Just use

name = "isaiahgk"

you then have defined a variable name
and assigned = it
the string Value "isaiahgk"




As @leonhard.wettengmx.n said above, you just set a variable equal to some string. Doesn't have to be accurate, obviously the compiler wouldn't know if your name is "xxxxxxx"

Also, note that in a majority (not all) of the activities on this site will have a "hint" button on the left hand side if you get stuck. That will normally tell you close to everything you need to type/code to get away with whatever. The hint in your problem being:
some_variable = "Your string here!"
Replace some_variable with name, and put your name, or whatever you want inside of Your string here!