Naming Conventions 12/16


I have tried many different variations of writing this variable but all I get is this. I think I am missing something fundamental to the syntax.

name_variable = "name"
name_variable = "my name"

Oops, try again. Did you declare a variable called name?

Any help with this would be excellent!


The instructions say:

Create a variable name in the editor

Where is your variable name ?


I messed around with it for a bit didn't quite understand the instructions but I have put.

variable_name = name= "name"

this worked just need to understand why it worked. lol


It worked because you created a variable called name and gave it a string as a value, which is what was asked for the exercise.

You only needed to use:

name = "your_name_here"

But since you insisted on using variable_name and made it equal to name, it worked anyway.


Please tell me if I was clear enough or not, it's quite important for you to understand this part if you want to continue without much trouble.


Thanks a lot, this comment made me understand it much easier


I am having trouble understanding the instructions and how it relates to the working code. :frowning:


Answer for step 12:
They want you to use the method of separating your first and last name using underscores. Also you do not need to attach the word "variable" to "name" via underscore; the program already identifies name as a variable.
For example:


name = "FRANCIS".downcase