Named Imports: Can't figure why I can't advance in class w/ this code, as i get a correct solution

import {availableAirplanes, flightRequirements, meetsStaffRequirements} from './airplane';

function displayFuelCapacity() {

  availableAirplanes.forEach(function(element) {

    console.log('Fuel Capacity of ' + element['name'] + ': ' + element['fuelCapacity']);



function displayStaffStatus() {

  availableAirplanes.forEach(function(element) {

    console.log(`${} meets staff requirements: ${meetsStaffRequirements(element.availableStaff, flightRequirements.requiredStaff)}`)





Can’t figure why with this code i can’t advance in the class(won’t allow me to correctly pass step 6.), as i tried it in VS CODE and it correctly displays everything that is supposed:
“AeroJet meets staff requirements: true
SkyJet meets staff requirements: false”


Is it this lesson you’re attempting?

If so, step 6 says to

Call the displaySpeedRangeStatus() function.

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