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Hi all,

I have changed my codecademy forums name and picture, but when I go on to a discussion I started, it still shows my script name!



And it dosent show my name in new posts

After changing my name I had to log out and then log back in, I guess so it could refresh.
Not sure if it is supposed to do that or not, but it is worth a try if you haven’t already. :smile:



Due to how the forum is set up, if you have changed your username on the main Codecademy site you need to log out and back in for the changes to pull through. :slight_smile:


I just tried logging out and in, but still my name is the script name! Click my name in this forum and you’ll see my name I want to change it to!

However, when I’m on I see Sandy125 at the top!

There are two fields on the Codecademy account information page.

The one at the top, “Name”, is different to the “Username (Required)” field. From what I can see here on the forum, you’ve changed your “Name”, but not the “Username”. (This would match with what you’re seeing on the main Codecademy site - the name shown in the header area is the “Name” field.)

Can you double-check which one you changed please? :slight_smile:

Bingo!! As you said, I changed my “Name” But not “Username” That took some trial and error as you can’t change your name on the codecademy discussion site, so I went to my account page and did it! Thanks @ThePityCoder ! You have been help in all my codecademy disscusions!


PS. How do you become a moderator?

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From what I can tell it is mostly time paitence and commitment.
Moderator is a position, that codecademy can elect you to if they think you are a good choice for that spot.
Remember a lot of responsibility comes with trying to moderate any sort of online server. I am obviously not a moderator for this one, but I have owned a small gaming server before, and just that was a difficult job

Check out the forums page on earning trust levels.

User Trust Levels

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Yeah, because the forum login process is a single-sign-on mechanism linked to your account on the main Codecademy site there are some things which you can only change on the main site. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it, it’s what I’m here for. :slight_smile:

@8-bitgaming got it pretty much spot on, and the link “User Trust Levels” explains the process pretty well. (I was a Super User for quite a while beforehand, the “mod” badge is still quite new. :slight_smile:)


Thanks! You have been help as well as thepitycoder!! :slight_smile:

Thanks all of you! I have loved all your help, it has helped me tons on codecademy! I really want to become a moderator! :upside_down_face:

And, one last thing, what do you do when your a moderator?

Are there things like “friends” on codecademy?

It’s pretty much explained here.

No, not at the moment. This thread was recently created asking for a “find your friends” type feature, though.

If you have any ideas on new courses or new features, you can suggest them in that category (#community:Feature-Course-Requests) - though, obviously, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be implemented. :slight_smile:

Oh, I really wanted to do a “friends” thing with you! Alex

Though, as The Pity Coder said, there is no official friends system set up…

I have found you can send someone a private message asking to be their friend and if they say yes, than just bookmark the conversation.

Then you can easily see their activity by clicking on their profile, assuming they have it open to the public.

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Can i be your friends, both of you?

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