Name management when cleaning information

Hi fellow Python-learners,

I have absolutely no experience with coding, but my short journey with learning the same so far has been extra-ordinary. So, wanted to say Hi to everyone and also pose a question to the audiences:

I am focused mostly on using Python (or maybe other languages in the future) to work on data analysis/data science type projects.

While I have been working on the basics of cleaning/sorting and filtering information, I have come across the action of allocating ‘slices’ of a dataframe to newer variables. In order to identify what slice a certain cut is, I try and name variables aptly. Some of this naming is getting confusing and I often find myself going back and renaming the variables based on where the analysis takes me and what further slices I want to extract.

Is this ‘name management’ process/hassle when it comes to variables, a common phenomenon? Have other experienced coders experience the same? Or am I missing something crucial with this?