[N/A] Unable to connect to codecademy

My web development course cannot connect to the codecademy server anymore. But the data science course stills connects. I even tried a different browser but same response. Please help me.

oh thanks guys its fixed now.

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Hey there, welcome to the forums.

Glad to hear the issue fixed itself. If there’s anything else we can help out with, let us know. :slight_smile:

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I am unable to connect to codeacademy. It was working fine an hour ago then suddenly i cant connect anymore. If i go back to a previous page im connected again but if i click next i get the message “unable to connect to codeacademy”. ive refreshed multiple times. ive tried clearing my browsing history and it only worked once. then i couldn’t connect again. ive also added codeacademy websites to the allowed sites but still no go. its getting frustrating.

by the way i’m using microsoft edge on windows 10 home 64bit.

Hi, i got the same problem.

u can try back to previous lesson, and click RESET EXCERCISE, submit your answer againt and go to next lesson that got error earlier.

if that not work, then try above method again, but before click RESET EXCERCISE open browser network monitor (firefox : Network Monitor) , and then click button RESET EXCERCISE, and on network list find url to “restore”, double click it (firefox) to open new window. then submit answer again, then next lesson that error earlier.

in my case, my problem fixed (idk if that method fixed it). but it worth to try.

sorry for bad english. i’m just want share this, maybe work for other to, or maybe not, because i’m just experimenting with it to fix my problem.

I am having the same problem for a couple of days and it is getting worse. Apparently this is something related to the site, isnt it ? Are there someone here from Codeacademy that can explain what is happening ?

Please refer to my post here: