[N/A] Output not rendering

React Course Part 2, video player project:


After completing step 3 the video player no longer renders on screen.

To replicate:

Copy and paste the suggested solutions for each step for the whole exercise. At step 3 the video player disappears and doesn’t return.

I’m using Safari.

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Hi there.

Thanks for reporting this.

I’ve followed your process for creating the issue, however I am able to complete step 3 fine and the browser pane still renders the video correctly.

(I don’t know React myself, so I’ve had to rely on the “Hints” to get to that point. The code does, in my case at least, seem to work.)

Could you please try the Troubleshooting Guide below, and see whether the project works correctly afterwards?


It works correctly in Chrome. Still not working today in Safari so must be issue with that.

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