[N/A] Learn the Command Line CP Part 1 Manipulation Exercise 5 - cannot complete

Despite resetting the exercise, clearing the terminal, closing and opening a new terminal, the exercise won’t let me complete it.

What triggered this may have been that in the first attempt I used pwd to verify that I was in the place the exercise said I would start in, which meant I couldn’t complete the exercise in 1 step.

That said, the red help prompts at the bottom would imply you could fix it, but that didn’t happen.

Tried this in Chrome, Firefox, and Brave: no joy.

Hey there!

I’ve tested this out, and it will work if you use

cd drama/biopic

rather than

cd ./drama/biopic

The command line course exercises are all a bit finicky and I believe they’re looking for you to enter a specific string of characters, since it probably can’t actually evaluate you based on what directory you’re in (probably because it can’t detect your current directory). The string of characters needed in this exercise don’t include the denotation for the current director (.) in your filepath. Using pwd to verify that you were in the right place initially doesn’t affect this, I’ve tested it out.

I’ve marked this topic as N/A, as it is no longer an issue.