Mysterious Organism

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I am on the Mysterious Organism and maybe I do not know what I missed or why it just doesn’t make sense to me what I am doing. I understand that a factory function is to make multiple objects with like or even some of the same properties or variables. I think I am getting lost at adding functions in the return. I try to sit back and look at the scope of the project but I still seem to get lost.

Here is my current work on it.

I know it is in error. However I have come to a wall and don’t know how to proceed other than to review related material on this subject.

Can you please be a little more specific in the error you are running into? I’m guessing it has to do with willLikelySurvive?

You are correct it is willLikelySurvive. it said it wasn’t a function then I made it a function. but yes that is where I am stuck … I feel like I don’t know what the point is if you can’t use it.

It seems like you aren’t declaring the object method correctly in pAequorFactory. Remember that pAequorFactory is returning an object and you have to write willLikelySurvive as an object method. Here’s the cheatsheet from the JavaScript Objects lesson and the specific part of the lesson that is relevant.

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Thank you! this is very helpful.

I figured out what I was doing wrong thanks for your help

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