Mysterious Organism Project Extensions

Hi everybody

i am trying to solve the Project Extensions & Solution part 9 of the Mysterious Organism project.

Create a .transcribe() method to the factory function’s object that returns the match RNA sequence of the object’s dna.
Use the RNA sequence to see what protein is translated.

i cant even understand the question, what am i supposed to do? what is rna?

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Well that’s some biological question :wink: .

Based on your provided info I guess you have to write a method .transcribe() as part of an object.
This method will somehow have to access the match RNA key value pair of the object and return this, like a getter.

But before continuing, have you had any exercises on objects yet?

BTW you didn’t include a link to the project so I had to make assumptions.

Hi janneslohmeijer
thanks for your answers, i am trying to find my last post about lodash dropwhile method and i cant find it, i am telling you that because i think that you reply to that post, weird…
about the rna i didn’t write my question good enough, i am trying to understand what is the exercise, yes i did the object exercise, how do i put a link to the project?
so if i understand right all that the transcribe method is doing is a getter?
and what about this clause Use the RNA sequence to see what protein is translated.

Hey @doritfish

I did answer to your post about the lodash library, but the topic has been removed somehow… weird.
Anyways, I found the project you are doing under this link.

To link a topic to an exercise you merely have to paste the url into the message or use the link button in the post menu.

I have read a bit into the exercise. You are attempting to do the extra challenges which as the name says are challenging :stuck_out_tongue: . I guess to solve those you will need some knowledge of how RNA works in relation to DNA. What I can remember from biology class is that RNA is used to copy DNA to produce more DNA, but I might be wrong.

More I really can’t say with certainty. Perhaps there is someone out there who has done the extra challenges.

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Hi @doritfish,

Just got to the same exercise and had no idea either.

However looking at this question I think I get what “transcribing” is. DNA pairs A and T, and C and G. RNA does the same but replaces T with U. So looks like the method would need to convert in the following way: A -> U, T -> A, C -> G and G -> C.

Hope this helps!

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