My Workspaces javascript

Hi there,
I’m new @ Codecademy.
I tried to practice javascipt in ’ My Workspaces’, but javascript dosn’t seem to work, which means no output.
Can someone help me?

Welcome to the forums!

The Codecademy workspaces support both HTML/CSS/JS and plain JS (via Node), so you should be able to run Javascript code in them, can you share the specific code you were trying to run (formatted as shown in this page: How do I format code in my posts?) and if you can make the workspace public via the “share” button at the top then a link to that would be great.

Here is the link you asked for.

So the console.log statements are being displayed, just not in an immediately obvious location. As it’s a website with HTML that uses JS all output to the console is done via the browser “Dev Tools” console which you can access via pressing F12:

By the looks of this project you might not want to do it as a HTML/CSS/JS project and just have it as a purely JS workspace which is more reminiscent of the actual Codecademy learning environment (and will have a terminal) you can do so by selecting the “JavaScript” option from the new workspace page (instead of HTML/CSS/JS):

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OK, thanks a lot for your help!!!

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There’s another post about that … Codecademy Workspace - #10 by janbazant1107978602
but it requires redefining console and console.log to display stuff on a webpage

and that seems like overkill for this.