My website

I made a website using HTML and CSS. You can view it here and the repositories here.

I use basic HTML. The CSS I use is a background, custom font, custom font size, grids, and a lot more.


Looks great! The only very minor thing I would personally suggest would just be to slightly tweak the coloring for the text to have slightly higher contrast with the background (although it does meet the WebAIM AA standard for contrast, so that’s just personal preference)

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What color do you recommend me changing it to. The text is the color that it is because on the old post somebody dissent like the white text in black background.

Personally I would probably go for a slightly lighter shade of grey, possibly something like #D3D3D3 but as I said before, it’s really just a case of personal preference :slight_smile:

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I will play around with the color when I have a chance to go on my computer.

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@notlyall I changed the color to #919191. How does it look now?

Looks good to me! It’s a subtle change but one that just makes it slightly more readable in my opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I liked your work! Which desktop app did you use for creating your website?

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I used Replit as my IDE. But I use GitHub pages for the published site.

(all dates are in MM-DD-Year)
Please do not edit this wiki post unless there is a typo or something similar.


Changed the color of the text from #787878 to #919191 (suggested by @notlyall)


Added my unit converter. Added the About me section, fixed the CC forum post link at the bottom of the page, and added margins to all the

elements that are not in a CSS grid.


Added that I Know Python to About Me and What languages I know sections


Added Who wants to be a millionaire in a Python terminal to the site.


Put my projects on a different page than the rest of the site. (They have a link to the other page)


Added alt attributes to images and took out <img> elements that were not meant to be in the code. Also added semantic HTML.


Fixed the <h3> headers that were supposed to be <h2> on the projects page as well as changed the test for some alt text.


Changed position of the closing <main> tag, changed alt text for WWTBAM, and made video embeds better.


Added cool nav bar on the side, costume scroll bar, and added a contact page.


Reformated independent projects using drop downs.


Added tip calculator.


Added some JS on the contact page.

This is great Ethan! Looks good and the colour contrast in good.

It’s always worth putting your website through WAVE, which will check it for you and it even has a helpful Contrast checker:

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool - (

Keep it up!

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Thanks. It pointed out a few things I forgot. Nothing huge but it helps thanks.

Currently working on a BIG change to the project page. All my projects (plus a few more I made) will still be on there but how they are all displayed will be very diffrent.

I think its great the colors look great. how hard was it.

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Your work on the juice wrld shop impressed me. What computer program did you utilize to build your website?