My website

Edit: please see my new post about this: My website

I made a website of what I can do. Here it is:

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Great job!! I love your page, though the white on black hurts my eyes a lot. Maybe try changing the scheme to something more eye-friendly?

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Thanks for the feedback. What color should I put the text in because I am going for a dark mode theme site?

Honestly, I think you should do “softer” colors all around, meaning to eliminate black entirely. Below are some color combos that are eye-friendly while still being dark:

  • #003333 (background) and #7DA3A1 (text)
  • #1A4040 (background) and #B0D9D5 (text)
  • #A67458 (background) and #FFDAB9 (text)
  • #262223 (background) and #DDC6B6 (text)

If you’re really set on using black as your background color, here are some colors that could work with it:

  • #037F8C
  • #AF787B
  • #C08E13

Although I suggest that you not do a black background and instead opt for the above combos, all that matters is if you’re happy with whatever you choose. I hope these options can help you out.

I didn’t really like how any of those a shade of gray. How does it look now?

It looks much better, not so harsh anymore. Great job! :grinning:

Nice! Maybe try a font like Arial as it is easier to read. I’m working on this at the moment:
IT Support Worcestershire

Ok, I forgot about the font when I was making it. I made the font Roboto Regular 400 on google fonts

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Added to small images to the website. The logo of CC and Replit on the paragraph about what I use/learn with.

Added my prime number checker and prime number lister to the What I have made section. I have also made a GitHub repository for it: GitHub - Ethan-Master-Coding/My-work

Moved the website to Github: My work