My website on Github does not perform correctly

Hi guys,

So i’ve finished my porfolio website and uploaded the files on Github.
Here’s the live version:
Code folder:

For some reasons, the “works” page and “see my works” button that leads to “work” page do not work at all… but i can access the “work” page from the “contact” page.

I double check the page on my local files and they work fine. I notice that whenever i upload my projects on Github, they don’t perform the same as they do in the local files. Would love to hear from you guys, thanks :pray:

Oh and also any suggestions to my website are more than welcomed, thanks again guys :blush::blush:

looking at the link:

<a href="../Trang's website/html/works.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none; color: black">See my works 📂</a>

there is no parent directory (..) and Trang’s website directory in your github project. Sure, this parent directory exists on your local machine, but not in the repository.

you could make the link:


It looks like you put the correct path in the link in your header (in index.html, but not main.html), but not in your “see my works” button. When you notice that you have two buttons that should take you to same page, but only one of them works, it’s usually a pretty good guess that the proper path is in the working one :slight_smile:

On another note, your portfolio is really coming together nicely. However, I have one suggestion to improve it from the user’s perspective. Currently, every time the user clicks on a link or button, the new page opens in a new tab. This becomes a lot of tabs very quickly if the user is trying to browse through each page. Changing this is as easy as removing target="_blank" from your links and buttons.

Personally, I think it would provide a better user experience to have only the “Live Preview” buttons open new tabs, so you may want to consider experimenting with that. Of course, it’s all up to personal preference.

Keep up the good work and happy coding!

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/ means the root of the current drive;

./ means the current directory;

../ means the parent of the current directory.

source from stackoverflow.

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Thanks so much for your help and feedbacks on my porfolio, really appreciated :blush:

Thank you for your help🙏