My Website of Examples, Demo's and Learning Notes (Rather Large)

I would be interested in any feedback.
I am also still getting a feel for this forum/site so if I post in the wrong place or in the wrong way please forgive me.

This website contains examples of work completed plus a lot of my notes to refer back to for everything that I have learned so far…It’s written for me and may not be that easy to understand in places as I also look at the coding on the pages to see how I achieved things.

Anyway, take a look and feel free to leave any comments…See
[Gary’s Site] (Dingbats Home)

Hi Gary!
Man! you took it to a whole new level!

The amount of information makes it hard to flow but I see that you put a lot of effort in adding value by sharing all your notes. Even more, you used a lot of resources offered by HTML and CSS depending on the section to share value and that is really appreciated.

I would suggest to try two things. First of all, to define a set of colors that uses less contrasting choices between them and that also enables text to look better, I see that there are places where text suffers because the background changes drastically.
And second, I would take page by page and would simplify certain details, so you can highlight what matters most.

Keep it up!

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