My web developer path experience with Codecademy

I would like to use this post/thread to record my experience on the road to become a web developer with the help of codecademy.

I started the journey with codecademy’s web developer path yesterday (June 24th 2019), so this is my second day.

I just completed the first module on Introduction to Web development. I enjoyed the learning experience (instruction and coding at the same place) provided by Codecademy so far. The FAQs are helpful expansions for each unit I learn. Also tutors like @mtf has been very helpful and supportive.

I have always wanted to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and had a few mystery feelings about them. Now just one day I found a number of puzzles have been solved just with the course itself, without going into FAQs, such as why <!DOCTYPE html>, why sometimes click a link will open a new tab for me sometimes not…

The experience is good so far, hoping I can keep it up.