My US Medical Insurance Project - What do you think?

Hey guys!

I went fairy big with this project and used a lot of stuff from later on in the course. It was pretty challenging to learn new stuff and bring it together, it maybe took me 12 hours in all (not including learning the new stuff) but I definitely enjoyed it! I’ve put it together in a Jupyter Notebook, it’s a fairly long read so no worries if you don’t take the whole thing in but any feedback anyone has would be massively appreciated!

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Welcome to the forums.
Congrats on finishing the project!
I would look at it but it doesn’t seem to want to load on GitHub* for some reason(?)… :confused:
*After a google search this seems to be an ongoing GitHub issue for many people. :frowning:

Thanks! That’s odd though, hopefully it’ll sort itself out soon, I’m fairly new to this so there may be something I’m missing though. Perhaps the below link will work? It’s to the repository and not directly to the Jupyter notebook file.

It’s an ongoing GitHub issue (not a jupyter one). I think it has something to do with image rendering.
I’ll try again in a bit.

Cool notebook! I like the visuals–pics, mathematical calcs as well as the explanations for each code cell as you’re going along in the analysis.

Oh, and as for the age/children plots: in the US one can only stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26 (which would account for age increasing and no children).
And yes, insurance costs in the US are absolutely ridiculous (insurance is also tied to employment, as you probably figured out).

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Thanks! And I see, that makes sense, as a coincidence I just turned 26 a couple weeks ago! Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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