My Triangle, classes return False


Hi Codecademy,

I am working on the my_triangle class exercise, and my code is returning “False” when indeed the 3 angles do sum up to 180 and should return True.

Please help!

Here is the code:

Thanks for all your help, I am making so much progress.



Hi @ericsokolowski ,

Check this statement …

    if (self.angle1 + self.angle1 + self.angle3 == 180):

You are referring to self.angle1 twice.

Also proofread the __init__ method.


The errors of looking at the screen for too many hours and copy-paste! Thank you so much.



In the next part, when doing the child class Class Equilateral that inherits from parent Class Triangle, what is the difference between:

class Equilateral(Triangle):
def init(self, angle):
self.angle = 60
self.angle1 = self.angle
self.angle2 = self.angle
self.angle3 = self.angle

self.angle = self.angle1 
self.angle = self.angle2
self.angle = self.angle3

(i inverted which angle comes first)




The purpose of this assignment statement is to create a class variable, angle, therefore it should be moved to the line prior to the __init__ method …

  angle = 60

The above reflects the fact that in an equilateral triangle, all of the internal angles are 60°. Consistent with that, the __init__ method needs to set all three of the instance variables that represent these angles to 60. The following three assignment statements within the __init__ method accomplish that task …

    self.angle1 = self.angle
    self.angle2 = self.angle
    self.angle3 = self.angle

In the above, self.angle accesses the class variable that was assigned 60 in order to assign that value to the three instance variables.

Edited on October 19, 2018 to clarify the discussion of the values that were assigned to the variables.