My title never appears


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``` The Future

My aspirations are enormous

<do not remove the three backticks above>

title is suppose to show up in the browser tab, this unfortunately doesn’t work on codecademy. try jsbin, the title should show up in the browser tab

Hey have you had any trouble creating image links? I got feedback about what I was doing incorrectly but after fixing my format it still wont send me to the link I put.

that is a different question altogether? If you have problem, including code is a good idea

I tried to and the whole picture pops up without the whole code instead so I deleted it, do I need to put those ‘’’ before and after because I did that and it still uploaded the picture.

i don’t see a image? What are you refering to?

I deleted it. But how do I upload my code without it turning into a picture. I just want the words.

I’m guessing you talking about here on the forum, see this post:

thanks I actually didn’t know what the ■■■■ a backtick was. I was using apostrophes.

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