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Hey, to make a title in HTML, you can use:


and so further until <h6></h6>

h1 is the head title of a website, while h2 and h3 are mostly used for subtitles.

Hopefully that helps a bit. :slight_smile:


Incorrect. These are called headings, a title goes between <title>...</title>.

If your problem is that you can't see what you type between the tags, then don't worry - that's not a problem. Codecademy uses something called an iframe, which is a website within a website, and as a result, you won't see any title you create.


Thanks for correcting, wasn't sure whether he meant title in the head section or titles (headings) in the body section. :slight_smile:


Throughout Codecademy, <h1> through <h6> are all referred to as headings, not titles. It would be best to assume that the OP was talking about <title>...</title> given the term used ("title") and context (Part 1).


We call those headings, 'titels' in Dutch. That's why I messed them up.


That's okay, I was just giving you a heads up :stuck_out_tongue:


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