My Thread Shed Project Solution in Python 3 Course

I’m looking for others who’ve completed this project, or are just interested for this matter, to review my personal solution/code to this project. It’s probably the biggest project I’ve done so far and I did a couple things differently to the developer in the ‘developer walkthrough’. Mainly it was my use of the ‘find’ method. I thought I employed it effectively :wink:. If someone would like to or could take the time to review my code and see what I did well and what I did badly and even share your own solution - I’d very much appreciate it. Even if it’s just code etiquette stuff like spacing, indentation and blank lines etc. I want to know!

Here is my code/solution: Codecademy export · GitHub

Sidenote: At this point in my coding/data science journey I think PRO seems like really good value for money, what do you think? I was caught between Datacamp and Codecademy but had heard Datacamp was less ‘hands on’, less beginner friendly, but maybe slightly better for the mathematics/techincal data science side of things.