My test project


Here is my test project for the Netflix Data.

Looks good!
One thing that I’ve noticed lately in Colab is that the plot titles and x&y axes weren’t showing up (you can see they’re greyed out). This bugged me b/c it had been working fine before in my Colab notebooks. So, from what I researched, you can add this bit of code to the top of your notebook when you import all your libraries:

from matplotlib import rcParams
rcParams.update({'figure.autolayout': True})

I found that info here, it’s in the middle of the page, Method 2:

Hi @lisalisaj
Thanks a lot for your comment. I’ve tried your code in the colab page but I don’t see any difference. :sweat_smile:
Maybe it’s been fixed already? Anyway thanks again.

Argh! You’re right. I just re-ran the cells in my notebook and the axes and title are greyed out.

Change the theme in settings to light and the axes and titles will show up again. :bulb:

It’s so strange b/c whether or not they show up in the dark theme is hit or miss. Up until very recently everything worked fine with seaborn and matplotlib plots. smh.