My Swift Xcode Simulator does not run like what the Course says it should

Hello. I am taking the iOS Developer course in Swift currently and am learning how to make a recipe app (Cookademy). I was learning from the Article “Cookademy 4 - Display a Modal View to Create a Recipe” and I did not encounter any problems until adding the “Add” button so that we can add a recipe after clicking the plus sign.

This is what the article says our Preview should look like: it has “Dismiss” and “Add” buttons on the top sides. However, this is how mine looks like: it only shows the “Dismiss” button. Codecademy is saying I can only attach one image, so I can’t upload an image of my preview, but I think it’s easy to understand that my Preview only shows the “Dismiss” button.
I have downloaded the code zip files that the article provided and copied and pasted every code for every file, but my Preview still only shows the “Dismiss” button. Did the article show a picture from a following article or is there something I’m doing wrong?

Hello @takethel2020, welcome to the forums!
Can you post screenshots of your code/file system, and what your preview looks like, please? If the forums won’t let you post more than one image/post, you can always just do multiple posts.