My suggenstion

Greetings, codeacademy

I have something in might , the main reason of the site is to learn people to code , but thats its good only for the fundamentals even with fundamentals knowing u can team up some people and make a bigger project. My suggestion is 1 or 2 times per week to select people who want to make a bigger projects with others becouse most of the companies seaching a team players who have atleast a little experiance in team coding . Next thing u can make even 2 more courses with those tems : Scrum and Agile . And even u can make somehting like a req to be able to be selected in team like : u have to be complated the git course , a languige which are u going to make a project or u can even choose people by there points i have noticed that there are points but still i dont know for what we are using them . They may have another option but i think its good bcs u will be able to select people more points > more courses complated . :slight_smile:

2nd Idea making a competition once months and price could be a free pro for people who cant afford to buy it :slight_smile: and if u won a competition u get more points ^^

Best regards,