My Style.css tab/page has no code

My style.css page has no code. it is all gone. How do I restore it?

I lost my style.css code as well, i tried to restore it and it didn’t work. Page acts as if there is a code but i don’t see it. When i hits run at some point page offers to give me right code when usually you allow to get code it should show it but as code its nowhere to find.

How did the code disappear? If you didn’t touch it, it’s a bug.

Did you try refreshing the page? Or else, you could restart your browser and see what happens?

hey ghost i try refreshing page, closing it, cleaning up cookies, f12 disable cache, restoring code using help on page nothing worked for me and i still don’t have the code.

Alright… could you please link me to the exercise?

Im doing Learn HTML & CSS: Part I and code was gone on last 2 lessons of Understanding the Box Model and when I started doing Boarders same problem no code.

I just checked it and my code is gone as well.
It’s obviously a bug, I’m sorry I won’t be able to help you on this one.

I lost all my CSS code as well for the exercise I was working on. The bug has been reported but please file your own report as well!

They are working on a fix.
But it appears to be wide spread.
So, no you aren’t going crazy! haha
It’s some sort of system malfunction.

Hope it gets fixed soon!

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Thanks for bringing this up. We just pushed a fix and you should be able to see your CSS now!

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