My story

So our ICT teacher was out of town for a while, and we were left with a cover teacher. We were given the task to go on Codeecademy, I completed the first lesson within seconds and soon found myself creating my very first account. Fascinated, I updated my profile picture and told them about myself, I was then ready to explore the wonderful world of coding. Codecademy! I soon became ace, I mastered the website, smashing all the cources! My fasted time: 6.09998 seconds…
I graduated at the age of 34, and am now a master at the Academy of Adult Coding, 46 years of age. I hope to soon meet the love of my life, and become a teacher at the Royal Coding School of Oceania.

Wish me luck, and I hope youngsters like me will become successful.


Good luck to you too! @lucyisaverybiencoder


Are there any other people over 70 years of age out there that can help me on how to use the forum

Hello i’m Chris from Cameroon,i’m lawyer but i love informatic, sorry for my english language i know much more french, i want to know all about coding and Web developer, it is my first time