My story

When I was a kid, at the age of 9, my father showed me Codecademy and suggested me to learn how to code, I didn’t know why I wanted to do it really, but it just made me feel happy and I thought it would help make me smarter and I would have a fun time coding, I still remember the first “console.log(‘Hello World!’);” that I wrote on this very site. Day by day I learnt more and more and was really fun and I never lost interest! It’s a pity that where I live they don’t teach much computer science in schools and if they do, it’s not much with practicals, although I try to get some of my friends to code, some of them find it interesting and some of them think not. But I always found lots of interesting things to do with it.

Now, at the age of 13, I am still coding and it’s still better than anything I can think of, I am currently working on a Discord bot which is a chat bot that would enchant a persons chatting experience, and it’s framework which is on GitHub so that other coders can see how it works and learn from looking at its source code. It’s made in JavaScript, my favorite language, I am very good at JavaScript and I doubt that there are things that I don’t know in JS, (maybe a few, who knows?). I even know ES6 things of JavaScript, and I’m not going to stop, currently I am learning Python as my cousin suggested and am hoping to make a good use of it in the future, I also plan on learning Java/C and other High-level languages. Thankyou Codecademy! I wouldn’t be where I am without you!


That’s a great story, @chipplayer71811, thanks for sharing it with us! :slight_smile:

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That sounds awesome. Are you making it for free? (just wondering)

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That is a great story !!

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Good story, thanks for sharing it with us.

Your story is amazing! So inspiring!

My story is:
Want start YT channel, like WatchMojo, and need my own www site.
Simply, should learn how to coding:)

Very inspiring, Thanks for sharing!
All the best ^^