My Story

Hello Codecademy Community,

This is my story so far.

At the beginning of the year, I had no experience of programming. Although I’m in my thirties, I have felt dissatisfied with my current career in retail management and decided to work towards a new career by signing up to Codecademy.

I realise that to develop my skills enough to change careers will take some time but it helps that I actually enjoy coding. It can be frustrating at times when I can’t wrap my head around a new concept. When this happens, I usually refer back to earlier lessons, search online or just persevere.

To start, I completed the code foundations path and then began the computer science path. My target is to make 10% progress each week which I’ve achieved so far (currently at 75%). The lockdown has been a great opportunity to dedicate time to this goal and I hope this level of progress continues in the future.

I’m still unsure as to what path to follow. Web development, game development, machine learning and creating apps are all areas I would like to study. Once I have finished the computer science path I will look at the web development path.


Thanks for sharing! I got into this coding game around 43 years old. I love it, too! Been going strong for about 6 years now.

What kind of things are you thinking about building / developing?

I’m into developing educational games, music utility apps, and also thinking about building a historical timeline app.