My story: 17 year old Afghanistanian learning to code


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1- How an why did you get started with coding?

My name is Elham Hussain and I am 17. I am from Afghanistan but I live in Denmark. I was always wondered about the websites which I used every day and I was always thinking about how these are made and what these are made of, About five months ago I searched for “how websites are made?” in internet. As I could see all of the results were kind of weird numbers, alphabates, question marks and brackets. Then I said to myself I can’t do it, no one can remember these weird stoff. After one month I tried again to search for coding but this time I got CodeCademy. When I signed up at CodeCademy and took the hour of code, I felt so good, I mean I was feeling like I knew things which many people didn’t know. That was the day when I sweared that I would never give up on coding and continued coding with codecademy. I started learning basic languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There was no reason for me to learn coding, But I always thought that coding is something which everyone should learn. I continued with CodeCademy because I wanted to do everything on my own and not to ask for help. I mean it is not bad to ask for help but it is much better to know everything. And today after four months I learned basics of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, RUBY, PHP and PYTHON. I made my own projects and still continue to make more.

2- What was your goals when starting to code and how did you keep motivated?

At the time I started using CodeCademy I was going to 10th class which I am still doing, It was hard for me to free myself for coding, because I had a lot of Home works and I had to study a lot of science books, but I stayed motivated. Every day I used one and a half hour using CodeCademy, but in weekend I used a lot of time on coding. I am still in tenth class and still using codecademy and working on my new projects. My goals were and are to make beautiful websites, Apps and to train my brain.

3-What was the most challenging part of learning how to code, and how did you rise above those challenges?

First time I started coding, everything was too complicated. I couldn’t understand the concepts and syntax and they way of using them. Actually coding was not that hard, the only way of learning is to practice it.

4-Which resources would you recommend to folks just starting out?

If you are eager to learn coding then start it right now don’t postpone it. Don’t make it hard on you, do that thing which you have fun in. Starting out can also be a little confusing and hard, but Don’t give up, keep it on. If you like coding and don’t learn it, you will regret it. Then use the opportunity and learn coding.

5-How did you start creating your own projects?

I can still remember that my first project was Hello World. As more I learned my projects got bigger and I got more lines of code. And here I am After 4 months I made A lot of projects and one of them is the website which I made for my favorite game Assassin’s Creed (

6-How did you get to where you are now? What did you do after Codecademy?

I am here making websites and apps the reason for that is CodeCademy. If it wasn’t for CodeCademy perhaps I would have never known coding. I mean CodeCademy really helped me, because It was easy to do coding with my own hands interactively rather than watching toturials or reading books. I learned Basics and now I want to become an expert therefore I use a lot of time on coding. I don’t have a special plan for now because I will start at collage next year. But with my coding skills I will help every person who needs my help.

7-Which steps would you recommend for folks who want to find jobs after Codecademy?

Wether you are male or female start learning code. If you want to change your career and want to become a web designer or developer don’t waste time, just start coding. If you are already done learning that, then make something which you can show to companies where you want to work. Don’t give up if they decline you, there are 100s of jobs for coders out there. Remember one thing Don’t ever be hopeless.

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Thanks for sharing your story.So motivating! :grinning: Just what I needed.Thanks a lot again.