My solution to Mixed Messages Portfolio Project

Hi, this is my Solution to the MixedMessages Portfolio Project.
I thought it was quite easy, but If you have any questions or have difficulties be sure to comment them below. It took me around 20min because It was my first time setting everything together (VSCode, CL, Git, Node and GitHub). Anyways, here’s the link to my repo:

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Hi Robert,

Just finished running your ‘Mixed Messages’ project. I copied the index.js file, then pasted it in my Atom editor.
I ran it using node index.js. I ran the program a few times to see the random outputs. The function is concise and clear.

Perhaps add more content to the README file to indicate Technologies used and how to run the index.js file.


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Hi, thank for running it. So glad you found it concise and clear.
I’m always a bit lost when it comes to the README but yeah, thanks for your comment :))