My solution isn't being accepted? (Functions with multiple return values)

No idea why the system considers this wrong. The output matches the required output for the exercise.

It could be the SCT is looking for a different print statement…

print ("Low limit: {}, high limit: {}".format(low, high))

Or simply that your output does not have a colon on the second label (more likely the case).

thanks for looking into this. The output was exactly as the program had wanted it, but I was missing the closing bracket.


def get_boundaries(target, margin):
low_limit: target - margin
high_limit: margin + target
return low_limit, high_limit

everytime i put this, it keeps saying that local variable ‘low_limit’ referenced before assignment, even though it is the exact same as the solution? someone help :frowning:

No, that is not the “solution.” For one thing, you need the assignment operator ( = ), rather than those colons?