My solution is the same as the tutorial's solution


Hey guys.

I just wondered if any of you thought this as well. Sometimes when i do a task, i get error message, saying something is wrong. I try a bit more, but find that i can’t solve it. When i click the solution option, it turns out that the code looks excatly the same as the code i wrote. And i fint it’s frustraiting.

Also one time i did

total += 1 

and it threw and error message, but it makes really no sense to me. I had to type:
total = total + 1
to not get that error.

Thanx for the help


If im not mistaken codecademy uses an algorithm to determine whether or not your answer is totally correct. Did the course teach you to do the += shortcut? if it didnt then it might not support that as an answer. If I am right about the algorithm it is searching for what the course has been teaching on the way so if that hasnt been taught then it is understandable.


This helps alot! So even if i get an error, it doesn’t mean i can’t solve the problem with the way i write my code, it’s just their algorithm that throws an error?

Thank you very much for clarifying


From my understanding this is correct. However I have only ever been thrown and error like this once and that was in the HTML course because I had the element like this


And it wanted it efwfefw. I think they have this to make sure you are using the correct formatting that most developer use, thats what I believe it was with the html course.