My solution for US Medical Insurance Project

Here is my solutions:

First I tried to do with functions and later I made another version with graphs. It was challenging to step back and try to code with basic python libraries.


I actually don’t know about Seaborn at all but I also completed this project today.
The file which has functions is pretty good but I suggest that you could’ve used a little more whitespace to clean up lines, for eg, in the variable charges function. Also with some more comments the code could’ve been a lot more great to understand. Still, your code is pretty cool.
I too implemented the project with functions only as I thought using classes would need to create objects for every data set and would eat up a lot of memory even though could be done easily with loops.

Again, you made your program very well. Hope to see you soon in forums again.
Thank You and Happy Coding! :slightly_smiling_face: