My solution for the Mixed Messages Portfolio Project... enjoy

This was fun to make… sassy bot lives!!!

Sassy Bot

I love Sassy Bot!
I have edited your work in a forked file: Comparing TomoFromEarth:main...1834920:patch-1 · TomoFromEarth/sassy-bot · GitHub
because it would be nice to have non-negative verbs as well. So I added ‘could’ and ‘would’

Can you help me with mine? I love how yours outputs in a picture with a button. Can mine output like that as well, except maybe in a picture like this:

You can absolutely feel free to examine my code and see how it’s all connected! It’s actually pretty easy. I’m working on a mobile layout now. Should be up soon.


I’ll give you some hints. You will need to have your image as a separate transparent background file. You will need to experiment with the position: of that element and you will need to create media queries to make it fit on all viewport sizes. FYI I have to still do this with Sassy Bot, I haven’t had time to redo the art assets for her, i just sketched this as one layer very quickly for this project.

To see how you connect the button to the action just study my code! It is very easy and incidentally is covered in the very next sections on the Full Stack Pro Path. Keep checking back on Sassy Bot to see how she grows and becomes smarter lol…


Thank you, Tomo!!! I’ve copied a lot of your code and put my own code in strategic places. You can see the results here: Random Help Wanted

No worries man!

we do not own the code… the code is for us all…


nice code nicely done, I like the way you are choosing random numbers right on…