My Solution for "Capstone Project: Netflix Data"

Hello everybody,

I want to share my solution for the capstone project: Netflix data with you:

I appreciate any feedback from you :slight_smile:

BTW: Unfortunatelly I did not solve my problem from yesterday, that my code works using jupyter notebook but does not when I use PyCharm :-/

Kind regards,

Congrats on finishing the project. :partying_face:

I’m sorry we couldn’t figure out the pycharm issues yesterday. I’ll keep looking into it too.

A few thoughts:

  • It might be a better idea to convert the .pptx to a Google Slides presentation (with sharing options “on” to view only) b/c not a lot of people want to download a file. Plus, not everyone has Powerpoint.

  • Is it possible to upload the .ipynb file rather than just the .py file? I’ve done the project so I can understand/visualize what’s happening with the code, but not everyone has. If you upload the notebook to the repo, ppl can see the markdown cells and results of the code you’ve written. Data analysts are storytellers too and the notebook is part of the process.

  • On the last slide, the one w/the side by side plots it might be a good idea to increase the figsize b/c the dates are all squished together on the x axis and not readable.
    ex: fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(10,8))

Good work! Happy coding!

Thank you for the feedback!

BTW: I just tried to execute the code in PyCharm using Python 3.9.8 instead of 3.10.x and it worked for some reasons!

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