My Slightly Retro Portfolio Website

Hi guys,
Here’s my crack at the Portfolio website from the Full Stack course! I enjoyed this one as I made a plan and followed through on it pretty well. I wanted to make a page that was pretty dynamic, in both senses, so there’s a lot of color and some movement. I’ve only been coding a couple of months, and some of the sites I’ve seen others do have been incredible, but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished here, not least in terms of the responsive aspects.

My live page is here: Jon Roskilly - Web Developer

My github repo is here: GitHub - jrosk089/jrosk089

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Neat! I like the retro-ish feel. :partying_face:

A couple of thoughts:

  • I would suggest removing, ‘welcome to the website of…’ and just have your name and title. It’s a bit cleaner and it’s already understood.
  • there’s some weird spacing going on in the 1st project description box (Basel Finnish School).
  • Also, I think you should remove the word “pretend” from the second project description. Here’s why: experience is experience whether it’s paid or not. I made a similar distinction once in describing a project I worked on (said it was for a fake company) and my mentor told me not to devalue my experience because it was performed under a particular job classification. She told me, ‘naming–and believing in–names that we give to understand our own work and skills can be even harder than doing the work and growing those skills.’ She was right! We have to believe in our own stories. :slight_smile:

Good job on the project!

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Thanks so much for your feedback! I’ve made the changes you proposed because I agree with you about them, thanks for pointing those out. Happy New Year!

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