My site view of desktop and mobile are not same

I am a newbie and not aware of coding. I made this site ( ) and page with two columns. Its view is Ok with comupter but when I open from mobile, it doesn’t display the two columns and even text is showing in center alignment.

I want to improve the mobile view of my website. I want it in two columns and want same allignment that is showing in computer view.

I would appreciate your help.

I am not sure this is the right place then, our policy is to help you improve your code, but if you don’t know code, and don’t plan on writing code, its outside our scope

what software did you use to build the website? I think you are better of at that community, given they know the software you used to generate the website

well, you have css rules with @screen which changes your view by overwriting your inline style with !important, what a terrible way to do this.

Actually, what you want to do is not a good idea. It will make things really small to display the two columns beside each other even on small screens, what you currently have is considerable much more mobile friendly, you don’t want to scroll from left to right on a phone (your plan)


If you will guide, I will change code setting to make center alignment into right for mobile view. I also think two column would two short but I want a right allignment rather than center.

Using wordpress in the creation of site.

I can only modify the CSS, that is what i learned. I learned to code, not the wordpress settings

If you want to do this in wordpress, the better place to ask would be the wordpress forum/community

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