My resume/portfolio website - Feedback very welcome!

Hey fellow coders,

I liked this project and spend quite some time on it. I took the opportunity to make it my resume and portfolio website. Probably be nice to have in the future.

It took some time to find a design that suited me (not a good designer myself, more of the technical side) and started to develop. The site is in Dutch, but i think it all makes sense. I’ve removed any personal information because i’m not planning to go live for a while yet.

Unfortunately i only used a little JS, because it was not needed on the pages. (I used it for the header menu on mobile, live update of my age and live update of the year in copyright.) But i will probably use it some more when i’m starting to develop the other pages.

The home page and the Skills & Portfolio page are live. Feedback is very welcome!

Thanks in advance

Github pages:

Github repository:

Hello?I think it’s great.Mmh,so how do you create a website in GitHub and even a respository?

Hey thanks!

If you create a repository and add content on github, you have a option to upload your content to github pages where you can see your website.

For adding content i will suggest to take the course on here. It explains it all.I use github desktop or visual studio code to create new repositories.