My Reddit App

Hey All! First time posting my code for the world, let me have it, im ready for the shame lol!! :scream:

code repo

My app (REDDIT-XTREME) shows media related to extreme adventure sports. You can choose a subreddit and search within the subreddits posts. Media only.

Working with the API was fun…watching a million Redux videos to get a grasp of Redux before starting the project …not so much! haha. Took a few days to complete…I tried to deploy with github pages and it took all of my files and made them static so I could no longer update in my code editor. I ended up reverting commits, making a new repo, and using netlify to deploy :face_with_head_bandage:

-I could get Youtube videos to play with react-player library, I could not get reddit videos to play, dont know why!

-If anyone could help me get a 90 lighthouse score with this project TELL ME HOW, working with the image load was a pain.

Please leave any code review or design feedback!!, Any features I can add to help grow my knowledge base?