My quiz app project

Hello! My name is Kyria. I’m 18, currently working on the Full-Stack Engineer path, and looking to share my quiz web app project. Thank you, and feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Live site:
GitHub: GitHub - kwjones04/My-Quiz-App: A quiz app to help me learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


This is great! Well done. I love that the background color changes every time you start a quiz.
If you are looking for feedback, it would be a nice touch to randomize the questions if you retake the quiz. Not necessary, just a suggestion. Great work!

Thank you! I will take your feedback into consideration!

A progress bar or some sort of indication of how many questions are left would be beneficial. Taking the quiz I had no idea if it was 10 questions or 100, and it ended up being 5.

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That’s a good idea! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey awesome program; its a creative idea for a program.

Overall, it looks clean, is visually appealing, and fun to interact with.

I wish i could reselect which quiz i want to take after finishing a quiz.

Keep up the great work!