My Python progression has ben deleted

A few days ago I was at 90%, I was going to finish classes and start managing files which was the last chapter I believe, then I reconnect today and I am at 0%, everything is in English whereas before it was in French, and there is a new interface … how can I recover my progress?

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Press Resume then click on the three_lined icon at the bottom left of the page to see your lessons.then head over to where u left off previously n complete your exercise. after you’ve run ur code u can check n see that your progress percentage came back on the scene

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It seems that with the new update, you can’t jump to any lesson you want. For me, when I click on the three lines, all the lessons are locked. Instead, you have to do everything in order. Hope they fix this :frowning:

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I purposely finished the first chapter but it not working, I can not go back to where I was, the exercises are blocked. :frowning:

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Hi @fokushy,

I have read it somewhere in the forum, CodeCademy separate their courses’ progress in different languages, means it won’t combine the progress of what you learn in English with other languages. This case, if you learn a course in French, when you switch to other language, it will get reset. If you want to complete it, you have to finish it with French.

Just my suggestion:

  1. Head to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. At the bottom right corner, change the language into French.
  4. Refresh the page.
  5. Head back to
  6. See if your Python’s progress has been restored?
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No, it does not work, in fact it’s a Codecademy bug to what I see, they did an update but the French Python course does not stand up very well.
Fortunately, I have had previous problems and I had to paste the link of the exercise in the forum. So I went back.

I clicked on the link and the course still exists, I find my code.

Then, if I click at the bottom left to see the exercises of the chapter, and I click on the arrow to see my progress, I discover a new version of the page that was supposed to open, but with bugs, and all the chapters I finished at 1% including the last one I did not order at 0%, but I kept my progress and if I do “resume” I go back where I was.

If you have the same problem, the link is “”, surely replace “fr” with your language to maybe find your progress.

But after completing the chapter, it still redirects me to the new interface with the course at only 4%…

So my only solution in the meantime is to put the link in favorites. I hope that admins can correct this and that my answer will help people. :slight_smile:

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I think they have done an update to the course, and since the translation was not made by Codecademy but by “Bibliothèques sans frontières” (source : they have not been able to make the French version and despite the fact that the site is in French, you can only have the course in English at the moment, for the French. :sleepy:

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Hi @fokushy, I don’t think it’s a bug, I just revisit their blog post, and only realized they updated the current date for retiring some old courses.

We’ll be removing our old courses from our platform to make way for the new ones. Unfortunately, any partial or full progress you might have had will be lost. All achievements will be maintained however, so if you finished a course already you’ll be able to show that you completed it—even after the switch. Eager to show what you’ve done? Just make sure to complete the courses before we retire them for good. You can consult the schedule at the end of this post for specific dates.

Below you can see a schedule of the anticipated release dates for course transitions and new course releases. On the dates below, we’ll remove old versions of the courses, and progress tracking will no longer be available. So remember—if you want to document the work you’ve done, make sure to finish the course before the new release date!

Released — Learn HTML & CSS and Learn JavaScript new course releases
Wednesday July 12th, 2017 — Ruby transitioned to new interface

Tuesday August 1st — Python will be transitioned to new interface
Summer 2017 — Learn jQuery new course release
Fall 2017 — PHP and Make an Interactive Website course sunsetting

Notice the date.

This means they are officially transitioning the Python course into new interface.

Unfortunately, any partial or full progress you might have had will be lost. All achievements will be maintained however, so if you finished a course already you’ll be able to show that you completed it—even after the switch.

I think that is why your progress is not recorded well.

I know this because I was on a CodeYear track, they retired it, it is still accessible from the link I saved, but any progress that I made, it will be recorded as 1%, just like your attached photos. I guess things are just how it is.

Probably not (for the time being, I think). Just gotta accept that and keep coding.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Yes, since I saw the problem I had this in mind, I had received an email the last year announcing the changes but I could not find it, thank you. Fortunately we can still access our old courses by passing on links, I had almost finished. :sweat_smile:


My link does not work. I can’t believe they changed the course. I started it 2 days ago…

The direct link does not work for me:

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Anyways, today looks it is working very buggy even the new version. It is a really pain in the ■■■ go thru all the basics to get where I was… I would have been great to have an alert in the course saying yesterday was the last day to complete it

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