My Promise to Change My Life

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I am 23 years old as of this month. I currently promised my parents to go down a career path that I was only half-interested in. This was to reassure them I would be okay and would acquire some stability in my life. However, after half-heartedly pursuing this career three months in, I have learned where my true passion is. I want to dive head first into the tech industry. First step : teaching myself how to code. A task not for the weak-minded. I have a pretty good grasp on how challenging this task will be for me. I have sat down with myself and made the decision to ensure that I stick with this and do my best. Today is Day 2 of trying to teach myself how to code. I started with JavaScript here on codeacademy, So far so good, I think? I promised myself that I would first spend the next thirty days learning every day. I will be coming back to this post every day to ensure I update y’all. I hope y’all will send me your positive energy during these next thirty days for they are critical if I want to be serious about this. If y’all have any tips or suggestions to help me along the way, then I would greatly appreciate the help!!

Let’s do this ! :slight_smile:


Take it slow and, when you’ll inevitably be faced with roadblocks and doubts at times, always keep the end goal in mind. The why you started this. And persevere.

Wishing you the best of luck, and welcome to Codecademy!


Well as y’all know it was Christmas yesterday so I was quite caught up in my festivities. However, I did manage to set time aside to practice. I also found that using the app on my iPad has been super helpful in testing my knowledge on what terms mean and how to plug in the remaining parts of a code. I’m very thankful to have figured that early on because now I plan to implement that into my curriculum. I still feel iffy about what I am learning, but I’m trusting myself that this is part of the process and that I won’t feel 100% confident yet. Thank y’all for reading this, the likes, and any tips y’all may have given. I’m about to start learning so more tonight. I’m currently on day four I believe.
Happy Holidays! :smiley:



Last night I stayed up till about 4:30 AM learning. I followed someone’s step by step tutorial of how to build a simple tip calculator using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I learned an ABSURD amount from it. There were plenty of times I was messing up the code with plenty of syntax errors. I cross checked the instructions with what I had written and then when that wasn’t enough , I applied what I had learned from my current JavaScript course here on codeacademy. Today is day 3? I think so. I have to double check my previous posts and my time stamps to confirm. I feel really good right now about what I have learned. I’m going to do some more HTML coursework to better prepare me for the next instruction-based project so I have a clearer comprehension of what’s happening in each line of the code. New Years’ is around the corner and I am very excited to be entering the new year with a clear goal in mind. Plus with how motivated I feel to keep pushing through the frustrations and obstacles, I feel I set myself up for success here. I’ll be sure to check-in tomorrow with y’all with how HTML learning went tonight!

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Alright! I FINALLY checked what actual day I’m on. According to my current streak, I’m on day 6/7 of my 30-Day Challenge. I’m feeling really good right about now. That project helped me tremendously when doing the basic HTML course. I was able to fly through it with relative ease and 100% it. I’m thinking about finishing an intermediate HTML course next before finishing the beginner JavaScript one. I think after I finish the intermediate HTML course, I’m going to go back and do another project so that I can apply what I learned. That’s all from me for updates. Thank y’all for the likes and reads so far! They are much appreciated and I definitely feel the support :smiley:

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23 year old here.
Love your energy, we are on the same mission so if you ever feel like need support or willing to give it, just dm bro!

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Day 8! I paired my learning here on codeacademy with LinkedIn Learning, which has been super helpful for video wise. I definitely am a hands on learner that thrives when paired with audio and visual aides. Plus I can add the courses when I’m done to my LinkedIn profile, which is an added bonus. I’m about to dive into the CSS beginner’s course here. I plan to pair it with LinkedIn’s before I attempt another small project so I can fully understand everything I’m doing in each line of code. It’s officially the last day of 2020 and I hope everything well for the upcoming year! :smiley:

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I haven’t figured out how to dm on here yet so definitely shoot me a message the next time you’re online!