My Project

Greetings Codecademy!

When I was a teenager in high school I was a part of a community called Cybertown which utilized the Blaxxun Community Platform back in the late 90s. This platform allowed a community of users to perform tasks that simulated the real world.

For example, a user could find a home in a Block, located in a Neighborhood which was located in a Colony and hold jobs in a specific level depending on what they wanted to do. (A Block Leader could lead the block they lived in, where as a Neighborhood Leader lead the Neighborhood of several blocks and finally the Colony Leader lead the entire colony of neighborhoods.)

Each specific area had a java chat that showed their title as well as their experience points (You gained a set amount of experience points determined by your job every day.) An example would be Colony Leader(Your Username)15000.

Each specific area had their own framed message board and your “house”, which was a 2D representation located on the map of your block containing your “profile” which allowed you to have an inbox (kind of like personal e-mail, but with a message board you could only see.)

Unfortunately, Cybertown closed in 2012 and several of its members (including myself) have longed for it to reopen. I have a plan and a vision for a website similar to this, but I have NO IDEA were to begin or what programming languages could even make this possible. I’d like to have several people helping me with this project and I can discuss this in greater lengths if anyone else is interested in something similar to this story/project come to life as Cybertown was a WONDERFUL way in making new and exciting friends!