My project. Feedback please

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Hello. Excellent work working hard to improve your web development skills. I suggest you include a ReadMe and a link to a live project for every project you are working on. It will be easier to get feedback because someone who looks at your code will not have to install it on their computer. Keep working hard.

  1. You have 2 <header> sections. With them being that close to each other I would either combine the headers or perhaps turn one into a <section> tag.
  2. I see a lot of instances of
    . While it’s okay to use in small scopes such as this webpage. It’s good practice to wrap code in <span> tags and change the spacing and appearance with CSS. It’ll help with responsiveness.
  3. I think you attempted to give a live preview link in your initial post, but it got cut off. Care to reshare that link? :slight_smile: