My Project: Assigning Priority Levels to Endangered Species

Here’s my Biodiversity Portfolio Project.

Assigning Priority Levels to Endangered Species As a Data Scientist

Code repo link is at the bottom of the page.

The project has two csv files, species.csv and observations.csv. I had a hard time figuring out how to interpret and incorporate observations.csv in the project. According to the sample project solution of Codecademy, the observations are from data which was collected over a 7-day period by looking around the parks. After googling I discovered that the observation counts are very far from actual population estimates. Some people who have posted projects here state that they think the observations data are ‘fictitious’ - their words not mine.

So to do away with figuring out how to explain observations, I decided to augment the data of species.csv with something else - trophic levels.

Check out my project to find out how trophic levels can help determine the ecological importance of a species.

This is great work- I love these tree maps and the extra work you’ve put into this. It looks really professional!

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