My progress reset itself

I’ve got quite a big problem. I’ve been doing the javascript course and I’ve got up to the iterators topic. Now that the 30 day challenge is over, my progress has been reset to 0%. I haven’t once clicked on reset progress and I’m not sure what to do. Is there a way for me to regain all my progress or do I have to do everything over again? Everything else is on 0% but the iterators topic is on 25%. I really don’t want to have to go over everything again. :worried:

I’m sorry, that would suck. I hope you can find a way to fix it, I don’t know why that would happen.

Hey Tom,

I’d advise you to get in touch with the Codecademy Customer Support Team to explain what’s going on.

There isn’t much we can do on the forums regarding such issues…

Hopefully they’ll find a way to get your progress back to where it was! :crossed_fingers:


Oop it just happened to me, that sucks.

Wait you just lost your progress too?

I just randomly lost progress for a Javascript course.

Did you change the language? Like from English to French or something.

No, it wasn’t bad though, because I only had like 15%, but it’s still fruturating.

Oof that’s weird. Maybe it’s happening to lots of people? Idk. It’s annoying though since I was on about 50%.

Yeah, i’m sorry, hopefully a mod will be able to help soon.

I’m sorry that happened to you :frowning:

Did you happen to start a career path and/or skill path and then reset the progress of one of those? I’ve read that someone attempted to remove a path they didn’t want by resetting it, and then it also reset their regular course progress since it was part of the larger path.


@galds sorry to hear that happened!

selectall is correct - if you reset progress on a career or skill path, all content within that path gets reset which could include content that is also in other courses you are taking.

Did you happen to reset progress on any paths? If not, this could be a larger issue that will need investigating.


Hi. I contacted codecademy support recently and they helped me out. They managed to restore all of my progress apart from the assignments and quizzes. That’s enough for me though :slight_smile:


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