My Progress on the HTML and CSS course has been deleted

I have looked up some solutions, and the two I found were: 1. That I may have created a second account, which I didn’t. 2. That I changed the preferred language, which I also did not do. These seem to be the only 2 solutions, not sure what else I can do.

The courses got updated (see blog), progress is lost (this was announced through as many channels as possible)


Why did the courses update?
I also like the look of the updated one

The courses updated for various reasons:

  • Many of the old courses taught older versions of programming/markup languages, meaning syntax you learned is different to what may actually be used now, and not all code in previous versions is necessarily compatible with the new versions.
  • A few of the old courses were buggy/didn’t work, so users couldn’t focus on learning as these courses often didn’t allow a user to pass through lessons etc.
  • Codecademy changed its learning environment to a newer one, which meant that most of the courses using the old one broke and had to be replaced.

Oh okay Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same with me, netmaster@92713 (I did the HTML and CSS )before the courses updated and then it said progress was 0 after the courses updated (no biggie) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m doing the new one now